Message to Parents & Guardians

March 26, 2020

Dear Bethune Parents/Guardians,

I hope your family is keeping well during these difficult times.   I know that students and parents have many questions and concerns regarding how we will move forward to ensure that student learning continues with the support and guidance of the Bethune staff.  Our priority is to ensure that all students are able to access this learning. 

The Ministry has released supplementary learning materials that students may access through the Ministry of Education’s Learning at Home website and the TDSB has provided additional online resources.  These initial learning resources are not intended to replace what students are learning in their classes at Bethune, but rather to enable students to continue learning during this initial 10 day school closure.

As you are aware, the Ministry announced yesterday that school closures will continue beyond April 5.  With this in mind, we are working closely with our teachers to ensure that there will be on-going communication with their students, and that teaching and learning will continue on-line.  We recognize that some students will face some barriers: some may have family obligations during the day; some do not have access to a computer/internet (or may have to share it with siblings); and some students will have difficulty with an on-line learning environment.  Please know that we will ensure that these barriers are mitigated as much as possible. We have already begun the process of reaching out to families in an effort to identify those students who may need a computer/internet. In addition, all Bethune staff – Administrators, Guidance Counsellors, Special Education Staff, and subject teachers – will be accessible to students and parents for questions, concerns and individual considerations.  The Bethune staff directory (with email addresses) can be found on our website:

We know that students are anxious to continue their studies.  Please assure them that they will receive communication from their teachers soon and that it’s important that they check their TDSB email regularly.  Teachers, however, will be spending the remainder of this week and next week working on next steps and revising course materials for on-line learning.  Students are encouraged to review course work during this transition period. For those students who may have work/assignments to complete from before the March Break, now would be a good time to complete this work. 

We also recognize that student well-being and mental health is important during this difficult time.  Students are encouraged to contact their Guidance Counsellor or Vice-Principal for support. Please see the attached brochure for resources and links for further support.

I will continue to provide updates to you as this situation evolves.  If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the administrative or guidance team. 

Please check for regular updates, as well as letters that have been sent to parent communities by Director John Malloy.


Sandy Kaskens, Principal

Christina Wilson, Vice-Principal (A-Li)

Laura Houghton, Vice-Principal (Lo-Z) (Guidance Counsellor A-I) (Guidance Counsellor J-St) (Guidance Counsellor Su-Z)